Product Designer

Shimo Docs is a cloud-based productivity suite that combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, and more in a simple interface.

06/2016 - now

In charge of product design, brand identity over all platforms including Web / App / Work.WeChat / Desktop Client

Designed core product features, such as the desktop and work dashboard systems, collaboration and sharing experience, comments and history feeds, notifications, etc.

Designed the v2.0 Shimo iPhone / iPad / Android app, which was recommended by the Apple App Store

Designed the Enterprise Edition for business users

Lead a design team of 3 designers


Desktop Design Iteration

The Orginal Version


Users found it difficult to find the "New" button. Users needed more controls to sort their files. Updates and new notifications were not obvious to users.

V1 Solution

Identifying Painpoints

Through research and user testing, we discovered a couple of problems with the V1 solution. The import button was difficult to find. It took several steps to check update of documents or to open files. The spreadsheet and document icons were too similiar.

New Version - Iteration V2

→ Design the dashboard consists with new shared files, updates and shortcuts
↗ Increase the average open file rate per user
↗ Increase the new and import file rate per user
↗ Increase the open rate of new shared files
↗ Minimize number of steps in opening files flow
→ Measure effectiveness through A/B testing
→ Redesign the spreadsheet icon


Collaboration Experience Improvements

The Orginal Version


The table of Contents, edit histoy, comments cannot be viewed together. The main feature of adding collaborators was difficult to find.

New Version Add Collaborators Share Files - Old Version Share Files - New Version

→ Redesign the navibar
↗ Increase the rate of sharing per document
↗ Increase the rate of adding collaborators
→ Design the chat and history feed
→ Redesign the table of contents
↗ Visual design imporvements


Notification & Search

Notification Panel Design
Search Panel Design

→ Use avatars / file icons / group icon to distinguish kinds of notifications
↗ Increase message open rate
→ Display search key words in context


Shimo App v2.0

Screen Record Key Designs Spreadsheet Design Quick Open For iPhone X


Shimo x Work.Wechat



Landing Page



Enterprise Edition

Online Payment
Pricing Page


Name Card Design