Side Projects

System design, UX & UI, Swift



04/2017 - 05/2017

Designed the first version of ZenVideo.

An online video production system, using AI, to help you quickly generate videos, simply from a link of articles, sentences, or just several keywords.

Wireframes Step 1 - create Step 2 - edit Edit A Video Clip Search & add My Videos Syetem UI Library

Helping movie producers to align lyrics with voice tracks automatically.

Final Version Draft Version - 1 Draft Version - 2


WuGui ShiFu App

05/2016 - 08/2016

Side project. Product design for ShiXiong ShiJie Shuo Beijing Tech Ltd.

WuGui ShiFu is a platform to help college students to find career mentors. Students can make one-on-one phone calls with mentors, to discuss their future careers.

Index & Discover Page Book A Mentor My Booking Ratings


MyWeight App


My self-initiated project. A weight tracking app.


Wordmemo App


My self-initiated project. Wordmemo is your vocabulary book in pocket, helps to collect and build your vocabularies with your own initiative.